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About Us

Pins Overnight is a custom lapel pin manufacturing company that has been creating custom promotional items since the 1990s. We are located in Montvale, New Jersey and are revolutionizing the lapel pin industry by providing exceptional service and quality products. We are going to be introducing our 24 hour lapel pin service shortly.

Our parent company is The Pin People, LLC, one of the largest brand names in lapel pin manufacturing.

Pins Overnight created has a unique lapel pin concept that can be produced, shipped and delivered, overnight! You simply use our online pin designer and design your lapel pins. Once you are done, place the order and we can deliver them tomorrow! No other lapel pin company can offer this service! **Note: This is not available on all style lapel pins.

Only our 24 Hour Lapel Pin Style. Our 24 hour lapel pins will be available shortly. We are just tweaking our product to ensure that we will be able to deliver the next day! Please check back shortly for our 24 hour lapel pin product. We are still in full production with our standard lapel pins! So please feel free to contact us and let us design you the perfect.