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Custom Tie Clips | Custom Tie Tacks

Are you looking for sophisticated and elegant custom tie clips or custom tie tacks for your loved ones or employees? Custom tie clips may just be the perfect gift that you need to create memorable experience. Pins Overnight is a leading supplier of top quality custom tie tacks and pins. We have been esteemed to produce tie bars and pins for associations, sports clubs, and corporate firms. Our “PINgineers” can create pins in soft or hard enamel finishes and also deliver tie clips with accompanying set of promotional cufflinks at a lower overall cost than any of our competitors.

Custom Tie Clips or Custom Tie Tacks for Branding

Custom Tie Clips

Custom Tie Clips

We know the immense value of personalized tie clips and tie clips and its role in branding. Pins Overnight can personalize any tie clip design for formal wear and incorporate all elements and effects that benefit your company’s or institution’s employees.

Our custom logo experts can also incorporate your company’s logo or emblem in your tie clips and finish it with a professional touch. Whether you want a resin domed or engraved logo, we have the expertise and confidence to produce the perfect tie clip for your company, an upcoming event, or even a promotion.

Additionally, we can help you create other matching attachments perfectly suited to your needs or event.

Need Help with Custom Tie Clips or Custom Tie Tacks?

We also know that you might be interested in knowing the design and production process. Our designers and customer representative will guide you on all aspects of design and production. As you will come to find out, we pay great attention to details and quality. Every piece is inspected before being packed and shipped. Our creative designer are ready to implement any of your design ideas, so don’t shy away about the simplicity of complexity of your artworks. Whether you want a promotional gift for your colleagues or associates, Pins Overnight is ready to deliver the perfect masterpiece.

Ordering Custom Tie Clips or Custom Tie Tacks

Ordering custom tie bars has never been easier than this. We have a simplified our order process to make sure that you get quality tie clips as and when you want them. To get tie tacks or clips, just send us an artwork ( sketch or image) of the concept that you have in mind. Our designers will work on your concept and then send you the final design for review via e-mail. You have to confirm whether or not you are satisfied with the artwork before we proceed with production.

As a leading supplier, we don’t place restrictions on how much tie clips you want. We can create a batch of hundreds of tie clips to meet your needs. You don’t have to order exactly 100 tie clips, we can get you a combo of 40 tie clips, 60 lapel pins to meet the threshold for production and delivery. The same case applies if you want money clips, or cufflinks, or keychains. None of our competitors can give any deal better than that and that’s why our customers keep coming to us!

Looking for high quality tie clips that will make you stand out on all occasions?

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