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Creating Your Custom Cufflinks

3 Easy Steps!

If you have a design you can simply upload it!  If you don’t have a design you can contact our design team to design your cufflinks!  Our “PIN”gineers will work with you to create the perfect design.

Choose the shape and the metal plating options that you would like your design to appear on.  You have almost unlimited options of size and shape, and tons of metal plating options including silver or gold.  Then choose the quantity and let us know when you need them!

Receive your cufflinks and wear them proudly!  Don’t forget to let us know if you need anything in the future.  We are always here to help!


Custom Designed Cufflinks

Hear From Our Cufflink Clients

Stephanie E

I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The pin looked incredible! It was perfect. The gentleman I gave it to as a gift is interested in potentially making more

Stephanie E
Jack H

KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK ON THIS ONE, again. Beautiful job. They are our favorites to date. Thank you!  I can't believe how fast the turnaround time was!

Jack H
Jessica H

You are the absolute best.  I am in awe of your outstanding service. Thank you SO much.  We will be returning as soon as the need dictates.  I will not forget you!  Thanks!

Jessica H
Julie S

They are absolutely splendid!  Wow. The pins too!  We are so pleased.  Please keep the templates so we can order more when we sell out of these.  Truly a wonderful job!

Julie S
Nick T

Thank you so much for helping us with this project – we are all very appreciative of you and your team! They were very well received!  I will be in touch soon to place another order!

Nick T
Doug D

I have received the pins today. I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the finished product. They look very nice and I can tell you that I will be using you for any future needs.

Doug D
Erica T

The pins came out gorgeous. When they were handed out everyone was impressed and thrilled to have received one. Appreciate all the care you took with my order.

Erica T
Sheryl M

The pins turned out perfect!  Thank you so much for your patience with me as we worked through the design process.  It was obviously well worth it!  Looking forward to using you again!

Sheryl M
Victor T

Thank you so much for helping us with this project – we are all very appreciative of you and your team!  You were the only company that was able to produce these so quickly!

Victor T

Custom Cufflinks With Your Logo

Understanding Cufflinks Terminology

We are going to make you a cufflink expert in a few sentences.  You can then impress everyone you know the next the topic of cufflinks pops up or when someone notices your cool cufflinks.  Cufflink are comprised of two main parts.   The adornment and the cufflink attachment.


If you are looking for cufflinks with your logo then let’s explain the different parts of the cufflink.   The face or flat part of the cufflink that is visible, is called the adornment.  

The adornment is the logo, saying, shape, etc. that expresses your interest,  message, branding, or the part that you want everyone to see.  The adornment can come in many different plating colors and usually match the color of the cufflink attachment.  Usually the back of the adornment is flat.



Cufflink Logo Adornment

Cufflink Adornment

Cufflink Attachments

The adornment is usually flat, but can sometimes be 3-D, but the bottom (non-visible) part of the adornment is flat so that cufflink attachment can be attached to complete the cufflink and make it functional.

The cufflink attachment is usually has the same metal plating as the adornment, however it doesn’t need to be, if you want to have that two-tone effect.  There a few different styles of cufflink attachments.  Some come in two pieces that are attached and spin, similar to the picture seen here.  Other types of cufflink attachments are one solid piece that does not move.

Cufflink Attachment gold or silver

Cufflink Attachment

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