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Custom Die Struck Cufflinks

If you are looking for a metal pin that embodies sophistry and elegance then custom die struck pins are the best option for you. Custom die struck pins have an aura of timelessness and elegant looks which make other pin styles pale in comparison. In case you are wondering why they are so popular with corporations and charity organizations, then here are few things you should know.

Making Use of Custom Die Struck Pins

Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

You can use Custom Die struck lapel pins for different purposes and functions. Whether you want to commemorate your employees for several years of diligent service, or award them as incentives for their exceptional service, die struck remains a splendid option. The flexibility of die struck also makes it a great option for institutions that honor or award students for exemplary performance.

Custom Die Struck Pins- Manufacturing Process

To appreciate the value of die struck, it is important for you to understand how they are mad. Typical pins are made from die or mold based on specific designs. Die is specifically used to cast the lapel pins and in most cases, brass or copper are used because they are malleable. The outer shape is crafted using a trim tool and if need be, sand blasted to create a textured background relief of the pin. Finally, particular attachments such as cufflink and tie tips, are attached on the pin.

One outstanding attribute of die struck pins is that they give the impression that your image is carved onto the metal plates of your lapel pins. Matte-surface background and the raised relief of pins are polished. The detailing and finish is of a high quality and this gives the lapel pins a jewel luster. In effect, it creates an impressive illusion of sculpted jewelry. Alternatively, die struck pins can also be antique finished without affecting the quality of value of the pins.

Ordering Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

Are you looking for high quality and timeless die struck pins? Look no further, Pins Overnight is here to help you create the best custom pins at a great price. Our designers can work and perfect your design. Just send us images or pictures of your design and our designers will supply you with a quote for the entire project.

Our designers will work on your design and submit the design for review within 24 hours. You can make suggestions where necessary, but if you are satisfied we shall proceed with production. Pins Overnight is committed to producing and delivering high quality and durable custom die struck lapel pins in a timely and professional manner. Every order die struck lapel pins that you place with the Pins Overnight qualifies you for free artwork, unlimited revisions, and expedited delivery (ships in less than 10 days).

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier of die struck lapel pins in the US, Pins Overnight delivers high quality die struck pins at competitive prices. Our experienced designers are eager to help you find and order the best designs quickly. Check out our gallery section to have a feel of some of the best designs in the market.

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