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Sorority Cufflinks

Although sorority pins have been around for over 200 years, they have never lost their appeal or enticing charm. Their unique looks and exemplary designs are a source of great pride and admiration for many people. As a leading manufacturer supplier of sorority lapel pins, Pins Overnight is pleased to share with you the following things to make your experience worthwhile.

Sorority Pins – Show Your Pride

Sorority Lapel Pins

Custom Sorority Pins

With their enduring charm, sorority pins evoke and demonstrate a sense of pride. The bond and sense of belonging it creates can last an entire lifetime. Whether you are a fraternity or a charity trust, you can rest assured that your members will develop and maintain strong ties in the strongest sense of the word. You can heighten the pride and sense of belonging that new members have by rewarding them with sorority lapel pins.
Every member who adorns the organization’s pin will feel proud to be associated with your organization. Whether you are holding an official charitable event or chapter meetings, you can expect your pins to elicit a powerful sense of pride and dedication to the cause of your organization.

Need Custom Sorority Pins?

To get the best custom sorority lapel pin, you need a company that has the interests of every client at heart. Pins Overnight takes pride in being a leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality custom pins at unbeatable prices in the US and abroad. We have been esteemed to serve different clients who can attest to our exceptional services and products.Whether you need a full set of colors, personalized styles, and jewel luster, you can rest assured that Pins Overnight is ready to deliver pins that meet your expectations.

Our commitment is backed high level craftsmanship and profound understanding of pin design and production. This gives us the impetus to deliver quality pins in a timely and professional manner. With our experience, we can recreate any design with high degree of accuracy and embellish with different elements to make it stand out. Feel free to check our gallery section so that you can have a feel of the nature and quality of our designs.

Ordering Custom Sorority Pins

If you are looking for high quality custom sorority Lapel pins at a great price then look no further. Pins Overnight is a leading and reliable supplier of sorority pins and pin accessories. To order pins, just send us a sketch of your preferred pins and other particulars ( preferred size, shape, colors, and dimensions). Don’t worry about the looks of your sketch, our designers can grasp your idea easily and translate it into a perfect pin design.

You will receive the final design for review via e-mail within 24 hours and if you are satisfied with the design, we proceed with pin production. Nothing is altered or modified in the production process, unless you indicate otherwise in the review. Once the sorority lapel pins are manufactured, they are inspected closely and then packed in readiness for shipping. Every order that you place with Pins Overnight qualifies you for:

  • FREE mold and setup
  • FREE artwork
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 10 year guarantee
  • FREE shipping

Pins Overnight guarantees you Exceptional Quality, Great Customer Support, and Competitive Pricing for all of your sorority pins or fraternity pins.