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Custom 3D Die Cast Cufflinks

Custom 3D Die Cast pins are quickly overshadowing 2D die struck pins. The depth and level of detail that goes into production of 3D pins leaves nothing to chance. In other words, what you can achieve with 2D pins pales in comparison to what you can achieve with 3 Pins. If you are thinking of adding or capturing great details in your lapel pins designs then 3D is just what you need.

With 3D cast lapel pin, you can achieve multiple surface levels at different angles and this allows you to create an exceptional 3D look and feel. On the other hand, a 2D die struck pin has two levels – recessed flat and raised flat level. 3D die cast lapel pins are exceptional in that they are amenable. You can render them into different sizes, styles, and economical finishes.

Custom 3D Die Cast Pins- Manufacturing Process

3d Cast Lapel Pins

3d Cast Lapel Pins

The design and production of 3D die cast lapel pins differ from die struck pins in many respects. But, the most notable difference lies in the way 3D die cast pins are formed. Cast 3D pins are made from molten metal molded on rubber mold. The use of molten metal and rubber accentuates the details and dimension of custom 3D die cast lapel pins more than die struck pins.

During the production process, molten metal is added onto a spinning mold. Once the pins cool off, each pin is polished carefully to remove blemishes and surface defects. Depending on the design preferences and specifications, enamel can be applied by hand.The good thing about this process is that you can plate the pin with your preferred choice of metal finish or attachment. Finally, each pin is inspected carefully then packaged ready to be shipped to our customers.

How to Order Custom 3D Die Cast Pins

Ordering custom 3D die cast pins from Pins Overnight is a simple and straight procedure. You can order any of the classic or modern pin styles all crafted beautifully to suit your tastes and preference, and at a budget. To get started, send us a sketch, image, or photo of your design. Our designers will review the design and suggest changes where necessary so as to maximize the effects of your artworks. We will end you th the artwork via e-mail which you will review and approve before production begins.

As market leaders, Pins Overnight has maintained a culture of timely service and dedication to needs of customers. Our design team pays special attention to all details which ensures that your pins captures the significance of the moment. Also, no amount is too big or too small. Just talk to us so that we can supply you with pins at the time of your convenience.

Don’t hesitate to share your design ideas with us, our team is eager to perfect them. Each and every order of 3D cast lapel pins guarantees you the following.

Free artwork
Free setup
Unlimited revisions
Free ground shipping

Pins Overnight guarantees great value for money and satisfaction for every batch of pins that you order. Call us today to speak to our pins specialist or request free quotes for your preferred custom 3D die cast pins.