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Custom Money Clips

Investing in custom money clips is one of the smartest decisions you can ever make. Money clips help you hold your currency notes tightly and saves you the trouble of carrying your wallet when you don’t need it. Besides holding your cash, money clips will hold your credit and Visa cards at a go. With your money bills and cards firmly in place, you will have the peace of mind to walk around carrying your cash.

Creating Custom Money Clips

Custom Money Clips

Custom Money Clips

Why should you carry your wallet along with your personal items when all you need is a money clip? Save space and gain more confidence knowing your currency bills are firmly in place wherever you go. To hold your money bills securely, you need top notch money clips that gives you peace of mind when you are carrying your cash around.

Pins Overnight supplies high quality and multifunctional money clips crafted from superior metals and finished to your specifications and preferences. Our money clips are designed with the needs of people who prefer to carry a few personal items. Money clips are also part of the mix and match program.  If you are looking for lapel pins you ca always add a few money clips or other attachments to create other products.

Custom Money Clips – Basic Components

Money clips have two major components; the adornment and the attachment. The adornment is basically the face of the money clip while the attachment is a component affixed it. Our attachments have various widths and come in either gold or silver metal coloring finishes.The functional component is the strong magnet that holds the currency pills safely. Attachments comes in various styles, thickness, and sizes. Our designers can incorporate design and identification effects such as logos, signs, or emblems right onto the money clips.

Ordering Custom Money Clips

Pins Overnight has a simple ordering process, much simpler than any of our competitors. To order pins, request quotes or send us exact details of the pins that you want. Indicate the number of money clips, specifications, and the due date of delivery. We also urge you to send us a sketch or image of your preferred design. But if you don’t have any in mind, our designers can create an artwork in full proof and send it to your e-mail for review. If you are satisfied, we shall proceed with production of the money clips.
Don’t hesitate to make a follow up or inquire about the status of your order. Our trained and experienced customer representatives will answer all your questions satisfactorily. Pins Overnight guarantees you the following benefits when you order money clips.

  • Free Artwork
  • Free Mold and Set Up
  • Free Full proof color
  • Expedited delivery

With the exception of keychains, our mix and match progam allows to order a certain number of money clips along with a combination of other lapel pins so long as they meet 100 piece minimum threshold.

Save yourself the trouble of carrying currency bills and cash cards in your wallet today!

Request a FREE QUOTE or call our “Pingineers” to help you create stylish and multifunctional custom money clips at no EXTRA cost!