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School Cufflinks

If you want to build a culture of academic excellence then you should seriously consider investing in school pins. These pins can inspire students and teachers to scale new academic heights. Just like other pin style, school lapel pins are highly customizable. You can incorporate the school motto or logo, tagline, and even the year it was founded on the pins. Let’s look at some creative ways to use these pins and how you can order them from Pins Overnight.

Creative Ways to Use School Pins

School Pins | School Lapel Pins

Custom School Pins

There are so many ways you can use pins in a school setting. If you have a reward or recognition program, then school lapel pins will come in handy. You can use these pins to recognize and reward top performing students in different subjects and inspire other students to work hard so as to get the reward. Apart from recognizing top performing students, you can also use lapel pins to reward students who maintain a complete record of school attendance, to raise social awareness, and to raise funds for charity. These is a whole lot more you can do with your pins.

Show Pride with School Pins

How dull, morose, or inspired does the school fraternity look? Does the pride of your school hang in a balance? If so, tip it over by inspiring students and teachers with custom school lapel pins. Custom pins will draw great admiration from students and elicit a sense of pride. Give every student and teacher reason to work hard and something to look up to at the school award ceremony.

You don’t have to invest in an expensive reward program to elicit pride and a spirit of excellence in the school fraternity. No amount of money can instill a sense of pride and a culture of excellence, only school lapel pins can motivate students and give them reason to scale great academic heights. Give each student a reason to be proud of your school now henceforth. You can never go wrong investing custom pins for your school.

Ordering Custom School Pins

Have you been having problems ordering pins from other suppliers? Look no further. Pins Overnight has simplified the process of ordering custom school pins. You can order any amount of pins at a time of your convenience. Just send an image or sketch of your preferred pin design and our designer will work to perfect it. As a standard procedure, we shall send you the final design for review via e-mail. If you are satisfied, we shall proceed with the pin production process, but if these is something that needs to retouched we shall do it at No Extra Cost!

Our design team is ready to work on all custom sizes, shapes, dimensions, and colors. It doesn’t matter whether you want a small batch or thousands of pins, we can handle all orders in a timely and professional manner. The pricing per order depends on the quantity, materials, and the level of workmanship that goes into production. Every order of custom pins that you place readily qualifies you for following things:

  • Free mold and setup
  • Free artwork
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Pin Guarantee (up to 10 years)
  • Free ground shipping

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