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Learning Lapel Pin Design
What Do I Need To Know Before Ordering Lapel Pins?

The following article is to educate our audience when it comes to designing and ordering custom lapel pins what is involve and hopefully answer some questions along the way.

By the end of this article you will be an expert in custom lapel pins and you will be ready to place your first order.
Whether you are ordering for your event or you are a reseller and wan to develop your portfolio of products, you will be able to do it confidently and your custom lapel pins will be great.

The first step is to take the idea or concept for your lapel pin and turn it into an actual design that will be your lapel pin and all the different options you have to make it a very special pin.

Lapel Pin Considerations

Here are some of the things you have to take in consideration when you are in the process of creating the design

  • Fonts
  • Details
  • Colors
  • Texture
  • Choosing the Base Metal Color
  • Background Texture
  • Choosing a size

All of the before mention items play a vital role on the overall design of the pin, for example try select a font that is thick and bold so that you message is legible, if you have small details then you cannot select a small size for your pin, we recommend starting with at least 1” in size.

Colors and Texture, something you must know, especially if you are on a budget is that the more colors you use and/or when you add texture to the metal, these specialties add to the total cost of the per pin price. so keep colors to a minimum or try to combine similar colors.

Metal colors are also a key component when designing your lapel pin because they are the foundation of it, so a suggestion will be to ask the company you select doing business with to provide you with a mockup of your pin in two different metal color so that you can make a better decision and be happy with your final product. Also keep in mind that if you want to dye the metal, there is usually an extra charge for that.

Ok, now what? am I done, can I have my lapel pins now done. Ah, not really, not yet.

Now you have to select which style you want to select to produce your lapel pins.

Choosing a Lapel Pin Style

Unsure which lapel pin style to use?

Do not panic, you don’t have to know exactly what all those terms mean, usually we will recommend a style versus another when you submit your designs, but just being aware of them will make the process smoother for you. I will explain some of them but you will get the concept of why different styles.

The first two styles are our normal process when we use metal and enamel colors to create your pins, with this style, your pins will have a flat surface and you will not feel the raised and recess of the metal.
Dye struck is mostly used for when a design is just initials or a shape logo, where there are no enamel colors, just raise and recess metal.

Soft enamel, is just like hard enamel but with this process you will feel the raise and recess of the metal.

3D is self-explanatory, basically when you pin has a 3D object above the flat surface of the pin and this style is mostly use for badges.

And finally photo etched is when you have a full color image or gradient versus solid colors in your design and want to maintain them of your lapel pin. this is the only process that can accomplish full color images or gradients.

You are now almost done, but we will not be doing you a service if we fail to mention that you can add some more options to make sure that lapel pin will be the best.

We will not go into detail since they are very self-explanatory but here they are

  • Danglers
  • Sliders
  • Bobble-Head
  • Spinner
  • Blinkers
  • Glitter
  • Translucent Colors
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Colors

Any of the before mention items will add additional charges to your final per pin price, but sometime is worth it.
After you are completely satisfied and know exactly what you want your lapel pin to look like them comes the best part ordering your lapel pins.

Finally, in this article we would like to end by explaining a little what a lapel pin is and some of their uses.

Lapel pins are small pins that are usually worn on the lapel of a coat, jacket or a dress. It is like a piece of jewelry, but it is jewelry that can bring different messages.

These beautiful creative lapel pins are worn by people with pride and others collect them.

Lapel pins can be created with different designs. There are some that have the logo of a company or other lapel pins have the design of flags of different countries or just simply a message-slogan.

We hope this article brought some attention to the topic and we look forward to hearing from you with any comment, questions or suggestion.

Now you are an expert!